Dodge County Sheriff Offers Tips to Deter Criminals

(Dodge County) With property crimes, suspicious activity, and drug activity continuing to be a problem no matter where you live across the country, the Dodge County Sheriff’s office is offering up some advice to help property owners make their homes and their communities less attractive to criminals.  Homeowners are advised to think about crime prevention through environmental design, this means using specific design features to discourage crime and promote security.   One such design measure is the use of dusk to dawn or motion lights around your house, garage, or other buildings.  You can also keep your property clear of shrubs, bushes, or weeds that criminals can use to hide or lurk around the property.  Keeping a clear view from the street to your home can also go a long way in deterring criminals who often seek out easier more secluded targets.  Doors and windows should all be equipped with quality locks, and they should be used every day.  It is also recommended that property owners invest in security cameras.  Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says that with the decrease in cost and increase in quality, a security camera system or doorbell camera can be a great way to keep an eye on your property even when you are not home.  By keeping our properties clean and clear, well lit, and well secured, residents can work together to make criminals uncomfortable in and around our neighborhoods.  Those seeking more information can review the Home Security Handbook on the Community Programs page at