Dodge County Sheriff Highlights ‘Move Over Or Slow Down’ As Law Of The Month

(Juneau) Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says a recent accident involving a citizen driving too fast for conditions and damaging a squad car is the perfect tie-in to his ‘Law of the Month.’ A deputy was tending to a vehicle that was in a ditch at Highway 151 near Iron Road earlier this month. When a tow truck arrived on scene, Schmidt says a vehicle that was traveling behind the truck did not slow down enough and ran into the rear end of the deputy’s squad car. The driver narrowly missed the deputy while causing minor damage to the cruiser. Schmidt told us on WBEV’s Community Comment that the accident is a good example of the ‘move over or slow down law’ regarding emergency vehicles. He says if a driver sees any type of emergency lights on the side of the road they must slow down to 25 to 30-miles-per-hour or move over. Schmidt says it is dangerous for law enforcement to be standing roadside when a vehicle passes two-to-three feet away at 50-plus miles-per-hour.  He asks motorists to put themselves in the position of emergency officials. Schmidt says these near misses happen a lot and it is not safe for everyone involved. Schmidt says a driver must ensure it is safe to move into the other lane on a two-lane road before proceeding around emergency vehicles. Also, drivers must be under enough control to be able to stop if it is not clear to pass. The fine for violating the state statute is $149 dollars and three points against ones driver’s license.