Dodge County Sheriff Highlights Law Enforcement Training Resource

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff is highlighting an online resource that details law enforcement officer training, policies and state laws. The Badger State Sheriff’s Association, Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association and the Wisconsin Sheriff’s and Deputy Sheriffs Association have put together a document that covers how authorities train officers at the recruit level and beyond. Dale Schmidt says it is important to share this information with the community during the current debate surrounding law enforcement. He says it is vital for citizens to understand how law enforcement officers in Wisconsin are some of the most well trained officers in the country. The sheriff adds that it is his department’s stance that education is the critical component in helping people understand law enforcement as well as through open dialogue and transparency. Schmidt says Wisconsin’s sheriffs and police chiefs are committed to maintaining high ethical standards and law enforcement leadership in the state has a strong commitment to removing those who do not adhere to that principle. A link to the document is available here: