Dodge County Sheriff Helps Man Stuck In Mud

5/20/17 – Every now and then the sheriff of Dodge County spots an unusual request for police assistance. After enjoying an afternoon lunch this past Tuesday Sheriff Dale Schmidt noticed a call near Williamstown on State Highway 28 that piqued his curiosity. He says dispatch could not get a good description of what was going on. All they had was that someone is trapped and needs assistance. Schmidt arrived on scene and spotted a Department of Transportation worker completely immobile, stuck up to his knees in mud. Shortly after the Kekoskee Fire Department arrived and in 15 minutes had the individual freed after being trapped for nearly an hour. Schmidt did not venture far into the mud, instead waited for the other professionals to dig him out saying quote, “you don’t want to be a stick in the mud out there.” Schmidt says the worker told him, that just before, they had a safety meeting were they discussed having two people at these scenes in case something happens. The worker told him from now he will do just that. Schmidt says the worker was inspecting the culvert in advance of the Gold Star Memorial Trail.