Dodge County Sheriff Hands Out Lifesaving Awards

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff recently recognized several members of his staff and the community for their role in saving the lives of others. Sheriff Dale Schmidt presented the commendations during the Dodge County Board’s most recent monthly meeting. The sheriff recounted John Hundt’s medical emergency and the exemplary assistance he received from first responders and a close friend. Schmidt says his friend Brian Key found Hundt on November 23rd and immediately called 911 which was answered by Communications Officer Katheryn Kiser. He says Kiser maintained a calm and cool demeanor throughout the entire interaction. Schmidt says Key continued CPR under the instruction of Kiser until Deputy Jeremy McCarty arrived with an automated external defibrillator and was able to revive Hundt.

Also recognized was Deputy Taylor Nehls who was the first on scene for a fatal Thanksgiving fire in the town of Westford. Schmidt says Nehls pulled 85-year-old Elanor Neumann from the blaze, and despite his best efforts, she later died at a local hospital. He says Nehls gave Neumann a chance and even though it was not a lifesaving effort it was a heroic effort. Schmidt says Nehls spent that evening in the hospital with smoke inhalation.

The last to be honored was 14-year-old Mikail Gordon of Randolph. Schmidt says Gordon immediately called 911 when he found his mother unconscious the morning of December 4th. Adding that even though the young teen did not need to perform emergency CPR, calling the proper authorities saved his mother’s life. Schmidt says Gordon also got his three siblings ready and to school on time that morning.