Dodge County Sheriff Encourages Safe Practices Near Crash Scenes

(Juneau) Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt is reminding motorists of proper protocols when approaching a crash scene. He says the first and most important thing to do is slow down, noting that visibility is often limited or obstructed at crash scenes and a driver needs time to react. Schmidt adds slowing down does not mean by just five or ten miles-per-hour but rather make a significant reduction in speed. After slowing down, drivers should be on the look on for law enforcement or a person directing traffic. Schmidt says many people want to see what happened and pay more attention to the scene than on the road ahead of them. No exceptions will be made when authorities close a road for a crash. Schmidt says failure to follow the direction of law enforcement is a violation of state statute and may result in a $175 fine and three demerit points against your driver’s license. He says the law enforcement officer directing traffic supersedes the authority of any stop sign or traffic signal.