Dodge County Sheriff Discusses Standoff Incident On Community Comment

(Beaver Dam) The Dodge County Sheriff says authorities had (quote) “time on their side” during an eight hour standoff with a suspect outside of Beaver Dam. Tyler Anderson reportedly struck three law enforcement vehicles while being pursued last month. His vehicle eventually went off the highway just west of Crystal Lake Road between Beaver Dam and Juneau. Authorities used gas rounds to subdue Anderson because he was allegedly brandishing a handgun that was later determined to be inoperable.

Sheriff Dale Schmidt says after the vehicle came to a stop, he and other law enforcement officers on scene were prepared for a tense situation. Schmidt, who was the third individual to arrive on scene, says he thought this “could go badly” and that “he may have to pull the trigger.”

Schmidt says one takeaway from the event was the patience showed by his staff and all responding agencies. He says everyone wanted the situation over quickly, noting that the standoff occurred during the middle of a snowstorm and that authorities were on scene from 8pm until 4am the next morning, but all involved showed patience throughout. Schmidt says their goal was to end the situation with nobody hurt and everybody being able to leave. He says even the suspect’s family thanked authorities for their patience and ending the incident without the use of more serious force.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt said he praised his department’s work during an after action report discussion. He says he began that after action meeting with how impressed he was with the overall response and who everything worked. Schmidt says if you look at other incidents across the country, they do not always work out as well as what happened [during the Beaver Dam standoff].

Anderson is facing over 50-years behind bars if convicted. The 25-year-old will be arraigned later this month.