Dodge County Sheriff Discusses 2019 Budget

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff says while his department’s 2019 budget is the biggest in the county they are spending less money compared to last year. The sheriff’s office saw a 24-percent increase in their budget from 2018 and totals $11.4-million dollars.

Sheriff Dale Schmidt says the closing of the old jail has had an impact on revenues due to the loss of contract beds from Immigration and Customs Enforcement and US Marshalls. He says a total of 108 beds were being contracted for $75 a day to the federal government which means a loss of $3-million in revenue each year. Schmidt adds that the individuals being detained were criminals who also violated immigration laws.

He says that $3-million dollars helped offset the costs to run the old jail and by its closure his department only saved around $1-million. During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt said his budget is lower when compared to other sheriff’s offices from neighboring counties. He points to Jefferson County which was two or three million dollars higher as well as Walworth and Winnebago Counties which saw budgets over $20-million dollars.

Schmidt says additional services may have to be cutback in order to make future budgets work. He cites several including school safety officers, adding staff to his task force and replacing outdated squad cars.