Dodge County Sergeant Being Recognized For Her Work On Baby Theresa Case

(Juneau) A Dodge County Sheriff’s officer is receiving some special recognition. Sergeant Vickie Brugger has been named the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for a second time. Brugger was first recognized due to her work with human trafficking, she is now being honored for solving a case that was cold for about 13-years.

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says, “this time she’s receiving ‘Law Enforcement Officer of the Year’ because she helped to solve that ‘Baby Theresa’ case over the last 13 years, since 2009, She has worked hard to not let go, let it fall by the wayside.”  

The “Baby Theresa” case involved a woman placing a newborn baby in a garbage bag and leaving it in a secluded area in the town of Theresa in 2009. In September 2022, Karin Luttinen of Milwaukee was charged with Concealing the Death of a Child and was sentenced to six months in jail. Brugger is not the only one being honored for her work on the case. 

“Her, along with P.J. Schoebel, our medical examiner who I nominated, and was selected to be the Public Safety Executive of the Year, are both being awarded with their work over that long time in solving that,” Schmidt says. “I can’t say enough about either one of those individuals. The dedication that they gave in resolving this and bringing closure to our community over this baby, who was thrown in a garbage bag out in a field.”        

The sheriff went on to say that he was impressed with how professional they were in solving the case that included multiple interviews and confessions. Both Brugger and Schoebel will formally be recognized at the Dodge County Executive Law Enforcement Association Banquet next month for their efforts.