Dodge County Roadways To Be Seal-coated

5/14/17 – The Dodge County Highway Department will be sealcoating several roadways in Dodge County. Starting May 15 work will begin in the southern half of Dodge County and on May 22 the northern half will be targeted, weather permitting. The maintenance is in effort to protect the road surface from deterioration through oxidation. The Highway Department is asking motorists to reduce their speed during sealcoat application or if possible use an alternate route.


Southern Half of Dodge County:

CTH EE from STH 67 to STH 60 (Towns of Hustisford, Rubicon, and Ashippun)

CTH R from Hustisford to STH 67 (Town of Hustisford)

CTH EM from CTH R to CTH CW (Town of Emmet)

CTH SC from CTH R to CTH CW (Town of Lebanon)

CTH CW from CTH SC to the county line (Town of Lebanon)

CTH K from STH 19 to CTH Q (Town of Shields)

CTH L from Watertown to STH 16/26 (Town of Emmet)

CTH J from Reeseville to STH 16/26 (Towns of Hubbard and Williamstown)


Northern Half of Dodge County:

CTH Z from CTH Y to STH 49 (Town of LeRoy)

CTH Y from Kekoskee to LeRoy (Towns of Williamstown and LeRoy)

CTH FF from STH 68 to CTH F (Town of Trenton)

CTH P from Randolph to Fox Lake (Town of Fox Lake)

CTH A from Fox Lake to USH 151 (Towns of Trenton and Fox Lake)