Dodge County Residents Reminded Of Cold Weather Safety Tips

(Dodge County) With the bitter cold temperatures sweeping the region, the Dodge County Human Services and Health Department is reminding residents to adequately prepare for its effects. Department Director Rebecca Bell says winter weather creates dangerous conditions including icy, snow and sleet covered roads. She says these types of road conditions can cause an average of 50-thousand accidents and 45 deaths each winter. According to the National Weather Service, cold weather and wind chills can cause an average of 28 deaths nationwide. The most common-cold related health effects are hypothermia, frostbite, and trench foot. Bell says to create an emergency kit for the home including blankets, matches, a first aid kit, battery powered flashlight, clock and radio, snow shovel, and rock salt. She suggest a kit for the car as well which includes a windshield scrapper, booster cables, road maps, a tool kit, emergency flares, shovel, and extra gasoline. Experts say to dress properly, stay dry, and layer up during extreme temperatures. Bell says it is important to listen to local weather reports and pay attention to advisories and warnings.