Dodge County Residents Have Until November 19 To Complete Land And Water Survey

(Juneau) The Dodge County Land and Water Conservation Department is asking residents to fill out a survey. The agency is starting the process of rewriting the Land and Water Resource Plan for 2022-through-2032 and is looking for input. John Bohonek with the Dodge County Land and Water Conservation Department explains says the survey will be available for the general public and will give his department an idea of what concerns they have for the natural resources in the county.

Bohonek says you do not need to be a landowner in Dodge County to fill out the survey. During a recent WBEV’s Community Comment, Bohonek detailed some of the questions that are on the survey. He says some questions include: what are your top five resource priorities for Dodge County? What is the most important conversation issue facing Dodge County in the next 10 years? Do you feel conversation has improved or gotten worse in the last 10 years? Do you think the land and water quality has gotten better, worse, or stayed the same?

Bohonek says information gathered will be handed over two committees. One a technical advisory committee that includes DNR officials, Fish and Wildlife Services, UW-Extension, and Farm Service Agency, among others. He says they will provide details about stream monitoring trends and forest lands in Dodge County. The second is a citizens advisory committee consisting of 14 people including farmers and lake front property owners. Bohonek says they will look at the current plan and current goals in order to map out objectives and issues to focus on for the next plan.

The survey is available on Land and Water Conservation website but can also be sent in the mail. The surveys are due by November 19.

If you would rather receive one in the mail, contact their office at 920-386-3660.