Dodge County Residents Have Until Friday To Challenge New FCC Broadband Map

(Juneau) Dodge County residents have until Friday to make changes to a new map that details who has access to broadband. The Federal Communications Commission recently unveiled the “pre-production draft” of the new national broadband map.

Officials say this map is the most detailed and current federal map of where broadband is and is not accessible throughout the country. Citizens are asked to visit the map, available online, and make sure it correctly reflects the access available at your home.

Senator Howard Marklein says people need to verify the accuracy of Federal Communications Commission maps showing rural broadband availability and speeds.

“You can go in and you can challenge the number of providers that you have available,” says Marklein. “You can challenge the speeds that the providers are providing you. So, and I did that I challenged two things in my in my location.”

Wisconsin is scheduled to get more than $1.1-billion-dollars in federal broadband dollars. Marklein says the federal dollars will be spent in areas based on need as indicated by the FCC maps, and he’s concerned some rural areas will be left out because of errors.

Click HERE to view the map.

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