Dodge County Public Health Outlines Notification Protocols

(Juneau) Dodge County Public Health officials say if a community within the county experiences a spike in coronavirus cases, they would issue an alert specific to that community. Public Health Officer Abby Sauer fielded several questions from listeners Wednesday on WBEV’s Community Comment asking about specific places in the county with confirmed cases, including a question from Fox Lake Mayor Tom Bednarek. Sauer says her office has decided against identifying specific locations because there is active community spread, which means coronavirus could be anywhere.

Community spread occurs when a person contracts the virus but has no idea who gave it to them. She did say that if there was a troublesome spike in cases, her office would consider an alert for a specific community. We asked her if the 45 cases that have been reported in Beaver Dam in the past couple weeks would be enough to warrant a notification. Sauer says there is not necessarily a specific risk in Beaver Dam. Sauer attributes the spike to two separate incidents: one at a food processing center and the other at a nursing home and she that does not indicate that there is more risk in Beaver Dam than any other part of the county.

She says her office would issue a community-specific warning if there was a public health concern specific to that area but in the meantime, because there is community spread of covid, there is a risk anywhere. 

While Dodge County Public Health does not release data on coronavirus cases in specific communities, the state health department website does indicate on a map the number of cases in a given community, once that community has experienced five or more cases.