Dodge County Public Health Officer Answers COVID FAQ’s On Community Comment

(Juneau) Dodge County Public Health Officer Abby Sauer answered some of the frequently asked questions she has gotten during the pandemic on WBEV’s Community Comment. During a recent appearance, she said one of the more common questions from the public is if they should get tested. Sauer says if a person has any symptoms of the coronavirus to get tested as well as if a person has been named as a close contact to an individual confirmed to have COVID-19.

However, she says to remember that it could take some time for symptoms to show due to the virus’ incubation period. Sauer says signs and symptoms could take up to 14 days and encourages those named as a close contact to still quarantine during that time period.

Sauer says she is routinely asked on the effectiveness of masks which she says protects those around the mask wearer. While not a 100-percent deterrent from the virus, she says it acts as a barrier from a person that might be contagious and not know it. Sauer says mask wearing is an important measure everyone can do to slow the spread of COVID-19.