Dodge County Property Taxes Due At The End Of January

(Juneau) Property tax payments are due by the end of next month. Dodge County Treasurer Patti Hilker reminds taxpayers that the first installment is due Tuesday, January 31st payable to your local treasurer’s office, not the county. Hilker says that means you cannot use the county’s online payment system for first installments. You should instead contact your local treasurer to see if they offer online payment options. If you miss the January 31st deadline for the first installment, then the entire unpaid balance becomes delinquent and is subject to interest and penalties, retroactive to February 1st, at a rate of 1.5-percent per month until paid in full. Delinquent real estate tax payments are payable to the Dodge County treasurer. If the bill becomes delinquent, Hilker encourages taxpayers to make whatever payments they can as often as they can to reduce their outstanding taxes, interest and penalties. State statute says that failure to receive a property tax bill does not relieve the taxpayer of the obligation to pay taxes. If you did not receive your tax bill, Hilker suggests that you print your bill from our county website; you find a link with this news story at DailyDodge. The tax bill details the total amount due, breaking down the portion that each jurisdiction receives and the costs if paid all at once versus in two installments. Enclose a self-addressed-stamped envelope if you would like a receipt mailed back to you. Hilker says you should make sure your payment envelope has a clear postmark, as your local treasurer will process your payment as of the postmark date. Second installment real estate taxes are due to the Dodge County Treasurer by July 31st.
For more information, visit the county website by clicking HERE. Click “Departments”, “Departments P-Z”, “Treasurer” or call the Dodge County Treasurer’s office at 920-386-3782.
To download a copy of your tax bill, go to the county website and click on “Land Information Search” at the top of the page to enter the county’s land and tax information portal or call the county treasurer’s office at 920-386-3782.