Dodge County Prisons See Additional Coronavirus Cases

(Dodge County) A few Dodge County prisons saw additional coronavirus cases, according to Wisconsin Department of Corrections. Over the last week, Dodge Correctional reported 27 inmates with COVID-19 for a total of 706. Despite the increase, the number of active cases from a week ago dropped from 88 to 11 with 694 total recoveries. The prison has had 151 staff members test positive. John C. Burk Correctional jumped from 14 inmates with active cases last week to 27 through Thursday. Thirteen employees at the facility have been confirmed to have coronavirus. The DOC is reporting that Fox Lake Correctional saw a decrease in cases from 906 a week ago to 847. There are 10 active cases with 831 recoveries. Seventeen additional staff members have tested positive over the last week, bringing that total to 135. Waupun Correctional has one active case with 716 recoveries. The prison has had 121 staff members with the virus.