Dodge County Prioritizes Sales Tax Revenue For 2018

6/24/17 – Dodge County has prioritized the use of its half-percent sales tax revenue for next year. The county collects around $6-million dollars each year from the tax. In 2016, the revenue totaled $5.9-million and in the first five months of this year the county has taken in just over $2.5-million dollars putting the county on pace to collect just under $6.1-million. The sales tax allocation policy adopted by the county board this week directs approximately one-third of the money to debt payments for projects including the new Clearview facility and the county highway shop in Juneau. One-million dollars will be directed to county road and bridge projects. Third on the priority list is capital infrastructure repairs and maintenance of existing Dodge County buildings and grounds. If funds are still available, it will go to either parks or land acquisitions, capital items, and parks and recreational improvements. The half-percent sales tax was put in place two decades ago specifically to pay for the county jail but the scope of use was expanded in recent years to allow for general county projects.