Dodge County Opens County Conservation Grant Program

(Waupun) Applications are now being accepted for the County Conservation Aids Grant Program in the Extension Dodge County Office.  County conservation grants provide financial assistance to help enhance county fish and wildlife programs.  The Fish and Wildlife Management grant Program was established by the Wisconsin Legislature in 1965 as an alternative to bounty payments on coyote, foxes and bobcats, and is designed to assist counties to make improvements to their fish and wildlife resources.  Since the bounty program was canceled, a state allocation equal to the average annual bounty payments has been earmarked as matching money for a growing list of county sponsored projects.  To be eligible, projects must improve the fish and wildlife habitat in dodge county.  Applications will be due no later than Friday, September 6th of this year.

Complete information about the Conservation Aids grant program is available at

Please mail applications and other required information to the Extension Dodge County office, 127 East Oak Street, Juneau, WI.   For more information direct questions to Amanda Young in the Extension office at (920) 386-3790.