Dodge County Officials Name New HR Director

(Juneau) Dodge County has a new Human Resources Director. The Dodge County Board recently approved appointing Assistant Human Resources Director Tonia Mindemann to the department’s top post. Supervisor Jeff Breselow says the board should not promote from within. 

“Our Human Resources Department really seems to be broken,” says Breselow. “I have reports of employees fearful to talk to any of us board members for fear of losing their jobs. I have reports of employees not being able to access their benefits or HSA’s or HRA’s. I have reports of people with inadequate qualifications being hired…like degrees and things of that nature that are stated requirements in the qualification process.”  

Supervisor Donna Maly called Breselow’s comments about qualifications “serious charges.” She added that she needs to see some form of evidence before rushing to judgement.  

“Bring me some proof on that…I want to see that…I want to know exactly what you’re referring to…if you’re making decisions on hearsay, you’re way off base,” says Maly. “The style that you have described is not Tonia, that is not hers at all. There is always two sides to a story. Don’t give me just one, I want the facts.”  

Following the meeting, Dodge County Administrator Cameron Clapper asked the board if they know of something that is operating (quote) “askew” to contact him. He adds that no one can improve unless they know there is a problem.  

Mindemann’s annual salary comes to $56.35 an hour in addition to fringe benefits and paid time off. Her first day on the job was January 18th.