Dodge County Officials Get Update On Beaver Dam Lake District

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board’s Executive Committee received an update Tuesday on the progress of the formation of a proposed lake district around Beaver Dam Lake. The taxing jurisdiction would raise revenue from waterfront property owners to address issues ranging from shoreline erosion to water quality. The Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association (BDLIA) is circulating a petition that currently has 379 signatures out of the 1490 shoreline residents. A 51-percent approval rate is required from property owners in order to form the entity. Association president Bill Boettge says among other benefits, the district will greatly improve the lake’s chances of receiving DNR funding. He says due to a shortage of funds, the DNR looks at regions that are best equipped at matching grant offers. Dodge County Corporation Counsel Kim Nass says she has been working with representatives from BDLIA on the application process. She says if the petition is received by her office at the end of May, the Land and Conservation Committee would review and make recommendations to the county board. Nass says if the Land and Conservation Committee is able to look over the document by their June 25 meeting, the county board could vote on the matter in either their July or August meeting. Organizers hope to have the petition reviewed by all necessary parties by September 8 because state statute only allows a lake district to hold its annual meeting during the warm weather months. Nass says (quote) “we will have to wait and see if that happens.” More information is available at