Dodge County Officials Detail Crash Reduction Strategy At Forum

12/10/17 – Fatal traffic accidents resulting from speeding is killing the most people in Dodge County except for drug overdoses. That was the message Dodge County Sheriff’s Captain Scott Mittelstadt brought to a group of around 150 people Thursday night at the Trinity Community Center Near Mayville. Dodge County has had 18 fatalities to date this year, which is seven more than the five-year average. Motorists are seeing citations in Dodge County instead of warnings for exceeding the posted speed limit. Mittelstadt says a crash reduction effort is underway in targeted areas as Highway’s 151, 33, and 16/60 with drivers seeing an increase in police presence at various points throughout the day with deputies working overtime. Mittelstadt says breaking distance when speeding increases exponentially with the vehicles speed. His message is to come to complete stops at stop signs, avoid distracted driving like use of cell phones and never drive impaired on alcohol or drugs including legal medications.  According to the Bureau of Transportation, the economic impact from crashes in Dodge County is roughly $95.5-million dollars a year which stems from medical costs, insurance payouts as well as law enforcement, fire, and EMS response.