Dodge County Officials Compensation

3/24/17 – The Dodge County Board approved compensation for elected officials at $120,391 at its meeting yesterday. The County Board Chairman received the most at over $19,000 for the past year, of which $1,947 was for mileage and expenditures.  The current County Board Chairman is Russell Kottke who attended 101 meetings this past year with each paying close to $50. The 1st Vice Chair, David Frohling, received the second most at just under $5,500 of which $1,469 was for mileage and expenditures. Frohling attended 78 meetings. The third most compensated was 2nd Vice Chair Donna Maly, who received over $5,300 with $1,851 coming from mileage and expenditures. Maly went to 68 meetings. Appointed officials, those asked to sit in on committee meetings with elected officials and public members, received $136,845 which is a 1.4% increase from last year’s amount. Just under $40,000 went to mileage and expenditures which was a 2.3% decrease from a year ago.