Dodge County Now A Blue Zones Worksite

11/16/17 – Employees of Dodge County are the newest workforce to join the Blue Zones Project. The county board approved the designation during their monthly meeting this week. The community-wide, well-being improvement initiative is designed to make healthy choices easier through sustainable changes to environment, policy, and social networks. Dodge County Blue Zones Project Organization Lead Tracy Rose says this move will have a positive effect on other employers in the county. She says it is a huge inspiration to see the governing body of Dodge County join in the initiative and help with outreach efforts.  Rose adds that Blue Zones has never had such a large governing body participate as a worksite. District Attorney Kurt Klomberg also spoke in favor of the decision and explained how it could have a positive impact on crime in Dodge County. He says the Blue Zones Project will ultimately support public safety because people who make healthy choices and engage in community services do not have room in their lives for drugs or the misuse of alcohol. Rose says the Blue Zones Project has been a success so far with six local restaurants signed on and 25 registered worksites. There is no monetary commitment needed from the county to participate.