Dodge County Mulling Class Action Against Big Pharma

10/12/17 – Dodge County may become a plaintiff in a potential class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical industry over the opioid crisis. A resolution endorsed by the Wisconsin Counties Association is making its way through various committees of the Dodge County Board. The Association is partnering with the von Briesen and Roper law firm and reportedly has enlisted other counties in the state to join on. If a lawsuit is ever filed, the goal would be to recoup costs resulting from the opioid epidemic. That could include expenses for law enforcement, human services and the county’s Treatment Alternatives and Diversion program, which incentivizes non-violent drug offenders who remain sober while on probation. Dodge County Corporation Counsel Kimberly Nass says the Association provided a template resolution which was presented in committee. The resolution has seen discussion this month in the Dodge County Board’s Human Services and Health, Judicial and Public Protections and Executive committees. Nass says members of those committee’s all had questions and she will be returning to those committee’s next month with more information. Questions include the financial commitment of the county and the manpower impact on departments for quantifying damages. Nass says determining the county’s financial losses could have a significant impact on departments in gathering that information. If the resolution to join in a possible class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical industry makes it out of committee, it could come to the full county board for a vote by the end of the year.