Dodge County Motorists Urged To Respect, Give Space To Snowplow Drivers

(Juneau) With the accumulation brought by the winter storm, snowplows are out in force to clear the roadways. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt asks everyone to be respectful of snowplow drivers. 

“They do a really, really hard job…and they do it for a very long time,” says Schmidt. “They might be out there for 16 hours and then get a six hour break, that’s it. We got to be cognizant of that…their just driving through this snowy blizzardy weather nonstop…people get irritated with them…they’re just trying to make it safe out on those highways.” 

Schmidt says to help alleviate their workload the plows are pulled off the backroads during the evening hours. 

“And the plows typically are not plowing county highways after about six o’clock at night,” says Schmidt. “Unless its icy and treacherous. A lot of times they will pull their trucks about six-seven o’clock at night and they do not go out again until three-four o’clock in the morning. So their drivers can get a rest and most people are home from their jobs by then. In the evenings I recommend sticking to those main highways.” 

Those highways include 151, 33 from Beaver Dam to West Bend, 60 – south of 26, and 41 which are Class 1 highways and will continued to be plowed during weather events. Schmidt encourages the public to avoid town roads as well, if possible. 

“Those are the named roads…not the numbers or letters…but the town roads out in the county,” says Schmidt. “Same thing, they’re not going to be out all day long. They might only be out for eight hours during the day. So be cognizant of that when you are leaving in the morning or coming home in the afternoon, some of those backroads might not be plowed.” 

Schmidt says these decisions are done intentionally because there is not enough manpower or trucks to reach every road throughout the county in a reasonable timeframe.