Dodge County Man Who Suffered Cardiac Emergency Now CPR Certified

(Juneau) A Dodge County man who suffered a cardiac emergency last year is now CPR certified. Jon Helbing was driving down Highway 60 in the township of Clyman in July when he suffered the cardiac emergency.

He was unresponsive and not breathing when several citizens, along with law enforcement and first responders, came to his aid and were able to keep him alive until a helicopter could transfer Helbing to a hospital. Dodge County sheriff’s officials say this was accomplished by immediately performing chest compressions as part of CPR, and the application of an Automated External Defibrillator which delivered four shocks during these attempts to save Helbing’s life.

Helbing’s heart began to beat on its own and he was semi-conscious prior to leaving the scene. He survived the life-threatening medical emergency and this past October, was able to meet all those who came to his aid. That meeting prompted Helbing to learn CPR himself.

The sheriff’s office invited Helbing to attend their annual CPR recertification training last month, where he was certified by the American Heart Association.

Photo courtesy of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page