Dodge County Judge Approves Housing For High Risk Sex Offender

10/6/17 – Suitable housing has been located for a high-risk sex offender from Dodge County. Jonathan Miller was approved for supervised release Friday and will be placed at N8955 Bluebird Road in Shawano County within 30 days. The 31-year-old had been staying at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center in Mauston long after his release date because of failed housing options. Miller’s attorney asked the court to grant Miller one supervised trip to visit family in Dodge County once a month but Judge Brian Pfitzinger denied the request. Scott Timm with the state Department of Health Services said state statutes do not allow visits for at least the first year under supervised release. Both Pfitzinger and Timm said that could change after one year of successful placement.

Miller is considered a Chapter 980 sex offender and his placement attempts have fallen through several times over the past 18 months. There are very few so-called Chapter 980 sex-offenders in Wisconsin – around 15 each year – but there are currently two in Dodge County, Miller and Robert Larson Jr, who are being housed in a detention facility long after their release date because of problems finding acceptable housing. Failing to release offenders who successfully complete their treatment could lead to the courts declaring the Chapter 980 program illegal.  If that happens, officials have said that all high-risk offenders being detained would be released without any supervision.