Dodge County Jobless Claims Decreased From June To July

(Dodge County) There was a decrease in jobless claims in the region from June to July. The state Department of Workforce Development says the unemployment rate in Dodge County last month was 3.3-percent, down just under a half-percent from the 3.7-percent reported in June and still well below the 7.1-percent logged last July. Fond du Lac County dropped to 3.5-percent in July from 3.7-percent the month prior. In 2020, the rate was at 6.2-percent. There was a half-point decrease in Columbia County as last month saw a 3.4-percent, one year after they experienced a rate of 6.3-percent. Jefferson County also dropped a half-percent to 3.4-percent after posting a 6.1-percent in 2020. Statewide jobless numbers held steady over the three-month period at 3.9-percent, well below the national rate of 5.4-percent.