Dodge County Jailer Testifies At Capital On Narcan Bill

(Madison) A Dodge County deputy jailer joined State Representative Mark Born at the capital Wednesday to testify on a new bill that would make a life-saving drug more readily available for jail staff. Born introduced the proposed legislation after being contacted by Jason Hundt about county jailers having the appropriate training and resources to administer Narcan. The opioid antagonist can be used to completely or partially reverse an opioid overdose. Hundt pointed out a current loophole in state statute that prevents jailers from obtaining Narcan in county facilities. The bill would add county jailers to the current statute which establishes a framework for all levels of EMT and first responders to be trained on how to administer the drug. Born says this will be especially useful for county jailers in smaller, rural communities who are not equipped with 24-hour nursing staff. He says by making these changes, they are not only increasing the number of lives saved from overdose, they are also equipping staff to be fully prepared in emergency situations. Born and Hundt testified before both the Senate and Assembly standing committees. The bill has received bipartisan support in both houses.