Dodge County Jail Inmate Charged With Escape After Failing To Return From ER Visit

(Juneau) An arrest warrant has been issued for an inmate at the Dodge County Detention Facility who failed to return from a preapproved appointment. Brayden Kohlstedt was charged Wednesday with a felony count of Escape. During the evening hours on Tuesday (October 8th), security was notified that Kohlstedt did not return from a trip to the Beaver Dam Hospital. According to the criminal complaint, Kohlstedt had permission to visit the ER for stomach pain and was discharged from the hospital around 7pm. Corrections officers attempted to contact Kohlstedt’s listed phone number to no avail but an emergency contact reportedly said a relative picked Kohlstedt up from the hospital. Kohlstedt was serving a 120 sentence for Battery and was expected to be released from jail in February. If convicted, the 20-year-old faces no more than six years in prison.