Dodge County Public Infrastructure Ineligible For Disaster Funding From Tornados

(Dodge County) Dodge County learned this week that they will not be eligible for federal disaster funding for municipal infrastructure. Last week, Public Assistance Teams from FEMA and the state Department of Natural Resources toured the region assessing flood and tornado damage. The decision does not effect individual property owners.

Dodge County’s preliminary damage total for public infrastructure and emergency personnel was around $331-thousand dollars but after reviewing further figures it was determined the county had eligible expenses closer to $289-thousand. The minimum to be considered for federal assistance for Dodge County was $326-thousand dollars before FEMA updated their threshold eligibility amount this week. Dodge County Emergency Management Director Amy Nehls says the county would have needed over $335-thousand dollars to qualify. While municipalities in Dodge County will not be able to receive federal aid, Nehls says they are still eligible for the Wisconsin Disaster Fund.

Only municipal infrastructure relief has a threshold amount while individual assistance does not have a specific target number. Nehls says FEMA officials will be tallying individual damage numbers this week which will be passed along to Governor Scott Walker who will write a letter to the President. Together, the governor and FEMA officials will discuss if there will be a declaration for public and individual assistance statewide.