Dodge County Historical Society Building To See Improvements Following Beaver Dam Council Action

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Common Council this week awarded a contract for improvements to the Dodge County Historical Society building.  

“We’re tearing off and we’re replacing,” says City Administrator Nathan Thiel, “this roof does cost a little bit more because there’s asbestos and that abatement needs to take place.” 

Dirty Ducts and Environmental of Madison will be paid $63,500 for asbestos removal while Windlickers Roofing and Exteriors of Oconomowoc was the low-bidder for roof replacement at $60,300. The total project cost is over $11-thousand dollars higher than what was outlined in the Capital Improvements Plan, with the shortfall covered by CIP fund balance. Council President Mike Wissell applauded the hard work of city workers prior to the unanimous vote.   

“I want to thank Supervisor John Neumann and his department for his patience in trying to get this project taken care of,” Wissell says, “because of a shortage in materials and costs and what have you and a shortage of contractors this has taken several years to take care of so we’re thankful for John.” 

The Dodge County Historical Society is in the turn-of-the-century, city-owned building on Park Avenue and South Spring Street – which carries the name of the “Williams Free Library” as it was Beaver Dam’s first library. Beaver Dam’s current public library, located on North Spring Street, is also in need of roof repairs but at a much higher estimated cost of $1.2-million dollars. Thiel says a new roof will have to be built over the current library roof.