Dodge County Highway Department To Spray Overgrown Roadside Vegetation

(Juneau) The Dodge County Highway Department will be dealing with overgrown roadside vegetation in the coming weeks. Highway Commissioner Brian Field says his department has acknowledged a need to initiate a higher level of maintenance to deal with invasive species along rural roads, especially vegetation that is noxious.

He says these invasive plants within the road right-of-way and adjacent properties can pose a significant health risk to highway workers, emergency responders or anyone using the roadway. Over the next few months, crews will begin spraying these areas to help control and eradicate Wild Parsnip and other harmful invasive weed species.

Field says his staff has been trained and certified in applying EPA certified herbicides. He says the herbicides they will be using are plant specific and will not hurt native plants and grasses. The goal is to spray Highway 26 to the west county line this year. Spraying is slated to begin in late April, weather permitting.

Organic growers or the public is encouraged to contact the county’s highway office with questions at 920-386-3650 Monday through Thursday.