Dodge County Highway Commissioner Gives Winter Driving Tips

(Juneau) Dodge County Highway Commission officials are giving some tips for driving in wintery conditions. Highway Commissioner Brian Field says anyone who has ever slipped into a ditch knows why snow rhymes with slow. He says motorists should only travel when necessary if the roads are covered with snow and ice. Drivers should also plan extra time and take their time. He adds that the public should always be prepared to react to changing conditions on winter roads such as drifting, scattered slippery spots as well as slippery bridges and ramps. The Commissioner suggest everyone to inspect their vehicle for items including all-season or snow tires, good windshield wipers and fluid, and winter safety kits. Motorists should also dress for the weather and bring extra warm clothes. Field asks citizens to give snow removal vehicles, salting trucks, graders, and loaders ample room to do their jobs safely and stay back 200 feet. He says most of the time, snow does not cause accidents, driving too fast in snow does.