Dodge County Health Officials Encourage Safe Halloween Practices

(Beaver Dam) Halloween is next Saturday, and local public health officials have some recommendations on how to celebrate without spreading coronavirus through big in-person parties and traditional trick-or-treatingDodge County Public Health Officer Abby Sauer says that may mean Halloween festivities look a little bit different this year. Sauer recommends holding virtual costume contests, rating costumes online with friends and family. She also suggests putting an emphasis on at-home celebrations, getting the kids involved with making decorations and baking Halloween-themed treats. 

October is a great month to watch scary movies and Sauer says you can share the experience with others online, just make sure everyone hits the start button at the same time. If your community is hosting trick-or-treating this year, there are several ways to do so safely. That includes putting candy into paper cups or baggies and leaving them outside your door for children. If your idea of scary is a haunted house, Sauer encourages the public to avoid close contact in confined spaces and instead consider a drive-through haunted house. 

State and local health officials recommend avoiding trick-or-treating this year and also say you should stay away from socializing in bars and avoid large gatherings – both indoors or outdoorsSauer also recommends a flu shot to minimize your risk of getting sick with another respiratory illness and avoid being hospitalized.