Dodge County Health Department Offers Information On Lead Exposure

(Juneau) Area health departments are doing their part for National Lead Poisoning Week by providing education on childhood lead poisoning. About 3.3-million American households, including 2.1-million low-income households, have children under six years of age who live in homes with lead exposure hazards. Even relatively low levels of lead exposure can impair a child’s cognitive development. Lead can be found inside and outside the home, including in the water that travels through lead pipes or in the soil around the house. However, the most common source of exposure for children is from lead-based paint, which was used in many homes built before 1978. Children can also be exposed from some metal toys which are painted with lead based paint. More information is available at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website or at the Dodge County Health Department website or by calling their offices. Call 920-386-3670 or visit: