Dodge County Finance Department Looking To Upgrade Software

5/20/17 – The Dodge County Finance Department is looking at upgrading its software. In 1997, former Finance Director Roger Gorst implemented a program called J.D. Edwards in an effort to bring all the financial records into one place. Current Finance Director Julie Kolp says that system is now outdated and needs to be upgraded. She says that this new program will focus on bringing everyone under one system. Kolp notes that there will be software that will be times that could run side by side with the main ERP system or in conjunction with it. The ERP system, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is way for organizations to utilize computer software to manage many of the office-related functions such as technology services and human resources. Kolp says that the software that the county is looking at purchasing will help streamline standard practices. Ross Winklbauer Jr, who was hired to help assist with the project, says this new system will give outside vendor’s easy access and better understanding of the county’s financial policies when it comes to placing bids. He notes that these polices will be placed on the website the vendors would have opportunities to view county guidelines. Kolp says they are still in contract negotiations on the final price of the software.