Dodge County Fairgrounds Have New Medical Equipment Available

(Beaver Dam) The Dodge County Fairgrounds have new medical equipment available. A $5,800 grant from the Beaver Dam Community Hospital Foundation supplied the fairgrounds with four automated external defibrillators. Following a cardiac arrest the defibrillators, or AED’s, deliver an electric shock through the chest to the heart which can stop an irregular heartbeat and brings the rhythm back to a more normal state. The portable, lightweight devices were installed on July 12th in four prominent locations: the Grandstand Space Manager’s Office, Youth Building, PS Seasonings Co-op Building, and Commercial Building. Before installation, only one AED was made available in the first aid booth during the annual Dodge County Fair. The project was initiated by new Fair Association Member Nate Zank, who is a certified CPR/AED/first aid instructor with Marshfield Medical Center – Beaver Dam. Fellow board member Wade Fletcher was also instrumental in making the grant possibleZank says early defibrillation has been proven vital for survival when cardiac arrest happens. He says the AED’s are important for the safety of visitors to the fairgrounds. AED training and certification will be offered to Dodge County Fair Board members, employees, and volunteers at various events.