Dodge County Fair Counterfeiter Sentenced

2/18/12 – A Watertown woman who tried to pass counterfeit money at the Dodge County Fair will spend two months in jail. 30-year-old Patricia Cappetta and her husband Gerald Cappetta were arrested after getting off the Ferris wheel. According to the criminal complaint, Patricia attempted to exchange the fake $20 bills for ride tickets at several different ticket booths. Carnival employees rejected them each time but were able to provide a physical description of the couple. When questioned, authorities said their stories were “one-hundred miles apart.” Patricia said she got the bills from a gas station before they got to the fair while Gerald said they weren’t at a gas station. She changed her story to finding the money on the ground but he had already confessed to printing it on his home computer. The quality of the currency was said to be, “terrible.” Gerald Cappetta was previously sentenced to one-month in jail after pleading to amended charges. Patricia Cappetta pleaded “no contest” to amended charges of Theft, Obstructing and Disorderly Conduct. In addition to 60 days in jail with Huber privileges, she was placed on probation for two years, ordered to perform community service and pay restitution.