Dodge County Drug Treatment Court Recognition Ceremony Is Wednesday

(Juneau) Members of the Dodge County’s Drug Treatment Court will be recognized Thursday and the public is welcome to attend. May is National Drug Court Month, held to share the successes of participants and educate the public about this important program.

Dodge County Judge Kristine Snow says they are holding their regular drug and OWI treatment court session Thursday at 1:30pm where several graduations will take place. She says afterwards, there will be a recognition event with past graduates and current members will speak about their experiences. Snow hopes many members of the community show up.  

Drug Treatment Court offers offenders an opportunity to get addiction therapy and recovery to lead drug-free lives. Dodge County Treatment Court Director Alisha Nelson says they offer three different programs. She says the OWI Court is for Third or Fourth OWI offenders. The Drug Treatment Court works with high risk, high need individuals with a significant criminal background. The Treatment Alternatives Program is for low risk individuals with high alcohol and other drug abuse needs.

Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg says sobriety is not the only incentive to completing the program. He says if a person completes Drug Treatment Court successfully there is a stipulation in their plea agreement that keeps them out of incarceration. If unsuccessful, Klomberg says they will reappear before a judge for sentencing and could face up to 10 or 15 years in prison.  

Tomorrow’s recognition event will be held in Branch 1 at the Dodge County Courthouse in Juneau. Branch 1 is on the second floor, or Snow says you can ask security at the buildings entrance how to get there.