Dodge County District Attorney Responds To Lecture Statement

4/1/17 – During a chamber-sponsored candidate’s forum on March 22, judicial candidate Randy Doyle criticized incumbent Judge Martin De Vries for allegedly mishandling a sentencing hearing last November. At the time, Doyle said there was a “lecture from the District Attorney” before the correct sentence was handed down. The format did not allow for De Vries to respond immediately at the forum but he did respond this week on WBEV’s Community Comment and the statements made by Doyle at the forum were rehashed in our news coverage. Klomberg says that he was not present at the hearing in question and therefore could not have lectured anyone. Moreover, Klomberg says that it would be entirely disrespectful and inappropriate for a lawyer to lecture a judge. He says if there is a technical question about a sentence imposed, it is common for the attorney to advise the court regarding the nuances of very complicated sentencing laws. Klomberg says that it is more of a give-and-take and to call it a lecture is misleading. Klomberg also noted that he does not take sides in judicial races, remains neutral and looks forward to working with whoever is elected. In response to the statement from the DA, Doyle says he is standing by the statements he made. Doyle says it is common among attorneys to refer to any representative of the District Attorney’s Office present at a hearing as “the State” or “the District Attorney.” He says the common usage of the phrase may have been lost in translation but notes that at no time did he specifically refer to Kurt Klomberg. Doyle says nonetheless it is clear from the transcript that the representative from the DA’s office had to “warn” De Vries that “case law indicates that you can’t order consecutive terms of probation.” Doyle maintains that he was referring to his opponent’s lack of knowledge of the sentencing law to highlight that he lacks the necessary trial court experience to be an effective and efficient trial court judge in Dodge County.  De Vries meanwhile issued his own statement in which he said that Doyle continues to make inaccurate statements about him in the media. De Vries says it is unfortunate that Doyle chose to run his campaign based upon misrepresentations and misleading comments.