Dodge County District Attorney Left Speechless By Survivors Donation

(Juneau) The Dodge County District Attorney is praising a selfless act from a young survivor of abuse. DA Kurt Klomberg says he was informed Tuesday that a survivor had made some care packages for other kids who have to go through abuse investigations. The teen arrived with dozens of bags filled with items of interest to other kids.

Each bag had some toys, writing material, a blanket and an attached tag that said, “you are strong, you are brave, you are a survivor.” The teen explained that when they were interviewed about their own abuse, they were scared but comforted because they remembered to bring their own “blankie” with them. Klomberg said the bags brought by the young individual were filled with things that they said made them feel better and more at ease as they went through the investigation.

The teen started a GoFundMe page to raise the money to purchase the items. Extra funds raised are being donated to groups that help abused children.

DA Klomberg was left speechless.

The county’s top prosecutor says day-in and day-out he has been confronted by the horrible things people do to one another and after a while it can be easy to view the world as bleak and lacking in hope and beauty. However, Klomberg adds, there are days when something happens to remind you that there is hope, beauty, and most importantly love in the world…and yesterday was one of those days. Klomberg says their anonymous child partner has made a difference in the lives of abused children and those who have to do this work. He says they are eternally grateful.