Dodge County District Attorney Is Resigning

(Juneau) Dodge County’s district attorney is stepping down. Kurt Klomberg tendered his resignation Thursday to Governor Tony Evers. His last day on the job is January 13th.

He served in the post since 2010 and has been a prosecutor in Dodge, Marathon, and Kenosha counties. Klomberg says he is sad to leave, but he has been provided an employment opportunity that is in his family’s best interests. He adds that it has been a true honor to serve the Dodge County community as district attorney and is proud of the accomplishments his office achieved.

Those include partnerships with local law enforcement leaders, which Klomberg says has helped make the county’s criminal justice system among the very best. Klomberg adds that he is proud of the strides made to develop Dodge County’s treatment courts and diversion programs, which have been offered up as examples to others across the state.

He notes that scores of prosecutor retirements and departures coupled with a lack of viable recruits has left many offices without meaningful options for future staffing, adding that Dodge County is suffering from this reality. Klomberg says this is a result of the state’s failure to keep up with the appropriate compensation levels to attract new prosecution talent to these critical public safety positions.

He points out that Dodge County and the state will suffer from this neglect for years to come if the governor and the legislature do not act swiftly and decisively.