Dodge County District Attorney Announces Re-election Campaign

(Juneau) The Dodge County District Attorney announced his re-election campaign Thursday. Kurt Klomberg is seeking his fourth term as the county’s top prosecutor. During his ten years in the position, Klomberg says his efforts to address the opioid epidemic has led to partnerships with the Dodge County Courts, Law Enforcement and the Department of Human Services. He also currently serves as the chairperson for the Criminal Justice Collaborating Counsel which provides top-level oversight and direction to all facets of the treatment courts. Klomberg says he has personally handled over ten thousand criminal cases and also supervised the prosecutions of nearly ten thousand more by his assistants. He says he has also conducted over one hundred criminal jury trials, including the successful prosecution of Laverne Ware Jr. who executed his girlfriend in 2016 as well as obtained a life sentence for Nigel Schultz who shot his victim 16 times. Klomberg touts his office’s use of leading edge technology which promotes efficiency and saved taxpayer dollars. He says this system has allowed his staff to continue to work unimpeded during the COVID-19 crises with most employees working remotely. Klomberg also highlights his leadership expertise, noting that his team provides management training to other district attorney’s at the state’s prosecutor conferences. He was recently elected as President of the Wisconsin District Attorneys Association. Klomberg says it has been his privilege to serve Dodge County as district attorney and believes citizens are safer now because of the efforts, efficiencies and leadership that his team has achieved.