Dodge County Discussing Possible Shared Positions With Jefferson County

(Juneau) Dodge County is currently exploring their options on creating several shared positions with Jefferson County. The county board’s executive committee recently heard an update on the progress to establish a joint purchasing agent position as well as a shared risk manager. Currently, Jefferson County does not have a purchasing agent and the position in Dodge County has been vacant since November. Jefferson County does have a vacant but approved opening for a risk manager/safety coordinator while those duties fall under the purview of Dodge County Administrator Jim Mielke. Supervisor Dona Maly says there are several details she wants to know before deciding if this is the right move for Dodge County. She says she wants to know what are the advantages and disadvantages as well as a financial understanding of what the investment would be for each county. Jim Mielke says options include Dodge County being responsible for the wages and benefits for the purchasing agent while Jefferson County takes on those responsibilities for the risk manager. While discussions on the matter are still in the early stages, Mielke says more information should come to light in the coming months. He says an intergovernmental agreement would be required to implement a shared position which would specify job tasks and need approval by both counties. Mielke says if the shared positions are approved, there would also be an internal agreement. Meaning representatives from each county would take part in the hiring process.