Dodge County Could Offer Medical Examiner Services To Green Lake County

(Juneau) Dodge County may offer their medical examiner services to a neighboring county. The governor’s office is currently seeking applications for coroner in Green Lake County. Daniel Krieser was appointed to the position in August but passed away suddenly just three months later.

Medical Examiner PJ Schoebel told the county board’s Executive Committee this week that Green Lake County leaders reached out to discuss the possibility of providing services. He says Green Lake County is considering abolishing the office of coroner and establishing a medical examiner officer in its place.

Schoebel says the application deadline for coroner has been extended to this Friday but Green Lake County has shown interest in switching to a medical examiner system. He says services can be jointly used between the two counties. Schoebel says every county must provide either coroner or medical examiner services. He says there are some counties in the state that already contract out services, noting that this is not unique.

If the inter-governmental agreement is approved the Dodge County Medical Examiner’s Office will oversee all death investigations, coordination of all autopsies, and issuance of cremation permits. However, details of the agreement are still being hammered out and could change.

Schoebel says he would look at hiring some part-time staff members in Green Lake County to help with the extra workload. He says board supervisors in both counties would need to act on the matter by their March meetings.


Pictured PJ Schoebel


Photo courtesy of the Dodge County website