Dodge County Cops ‘N Bobbers A Success

6/25/17 – The Dodge County Law Enforcement Shop with Cops hosted Dodge County Cops N Bobbers on June 10 at Clausen Park in Fox Lake.  This program allowed children to interact with local law enforcement personnel while fishing together on Fox Lake.  The Dodge County Law Enforcement Shop with Cops organization is designed to bring together law enforcement personnel and youth throughout Dodge County to promote the welfare of children in home, school and community, raise the standards of life of the children in Dodge County, and develop a positive relationship between children and law enforcement personnel. Sign up applications were mailed to all Dodge County schools to be distributed to children 10 to 14 years of age.  There were 36 applications received by the committee and 27 children were chosen to participate.  The children were provided with their very own fishing pole and tackle box.