Dodge County Clerk Warns Of Electioneering

(Juneau) Voters are being reminded that they are prohibited from bringing fliers, buttons or even wearing clothing that shows support for a particular candidate while at the polls Tuesday. It is called electioneering and it is illegal in Wisconsin on Election Day. Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson says if a violation does occur it will be up to a chief inspector at each poll to determine if any action needs to be taken. She says voters could be asked to remove buttons and hats or turn their shirt inside out if it displays the name of an individual up for election. Gibson says its best to not have the chief inspector be forced to make those decisions and encourages everyone to not commit electioneering. She says voters can wear clothing for those who are not up for election as long as their name does not appear on the ballot. The polls are scheduled to open at 7am Tuesday and stay open until 8pm. We will have election updates throughout the evening on WBEV-WXRO.


Listen to Gibson’s appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment here: