Dodge County Clerk Warns Of Election Mailers With Inaccurate Info

(Dodge County) Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson is warning the public about a postcard mailer that voters are receiving that contains inaccurate information. Gibson says the village clerk in Neosho on Monday received four postcards requesting absentee ballots. The problem is that Wisconsin requires a photo ID to vote or receive an absentee ballot. The postcards were sent out by an unknown third-party group. Gibson suggests voters seeking an absentee ballot mail send the request to their municipal clerk in an envelope with a photocopy of their identification. Voters in Wisconsin have until the Thursday before the election – this time around November 1st – to request an absentee ballot by mail. However, with local post office distribution centers being consolidated into Milwaukee in recent years, county clerk recommends those seeking an absentee ballot by mail send in the request long before that deadline. Voters are also reminded that they have until the Friday before the election to obtain an absentee ballot in-person from their local municipal clerk, though Gibson notes that in smaller communities voters need to call ahead because office hours vary for part-time clerks.